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The Sleeping Giants

As told by Ben Charles
Years ago, this man and this woman walked the earth, and ruled it. Then when things became, ah, well evil began to take over, He said, that another giant came and put them to sleep. He said the thing is, that one of these days, the man and the woman, he calls them the Sleeping Giants, they're going to rise and go across the lands and bring them back to the way they need to be. There is so much hate and difference between peoples and nations and he says this is why the two giants were put to sleep. Because another came in and put his power over them. The one who put them to sleep began spreading his things across the land. All the people began fightings and many of them thought to make themselves wealthy instead of giving their wealth away, as it was in days of old. And so the Giants continue to sleep and Granpa Sam used to tell us, "One of these days, the creator is going to say, nows the time for you to go out and cleanse this earth and bring it back. Once again the hills will bring forth animals, the birds and the berries and all of the good things. The rivers and the Strait and the oceans will bring forth the fish and the whale and all of the things we had before."

He always said that day is coming and it's going to come very soon. He would always tell us, "Pray that Creator will allow these giants to rise because they are good and one of these days this land will again be brought back." And so that was his story of the Sleeping Giants.