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Volume 1: "The Adventure Begins"
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Volume 1 “The Adventure Begins”

States: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas;
From: St. Louis to Kansas City

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We offer a brief background of Jefferson’s desire to establish an overland route for trade to the western ocean, his relationship with Lewis, Clark’s military ancestry and Lewis’s prior military experience with Clark and how the Louisiana Purchase fit into the political maneuverings of France, Spain and England. We’ll describe the winter spent training at Camp Dubois and the military order established there. Visitors will be directed to historical sites in the vicinity and along the road as they near present day Kansas City. River rats describe navigating the Missouri two hundred years ago and the stress and strain of poling upstream.

"Reviewing the Troops at Ft. Massic" by Michael Haynes, courtesy, US Army Corps of Engineers

The expedition kicked off from what's now Wood River, Illinois on the 14th of May. And that's sort of a shakedown period of the cruise when Lewis is trying to figure out and Clark what it's going to take to make that keelboat go up the river.

Track One - Introduction

Introduction, Preparatory Camp description by Brian Widiman, Lewis and Clark Society of America; Osage aboriginal lands and lifeways described be Osage Principle Chief Jim Grey; cultural life in St. Louis circa 1800, Bob Archibald, Missouri Historical Society.


Track Five - Leaving Camp Wood River

Leaving Camp Wood River, Bob Archibald; visiting St. Charles, Mimi Jackson, Director, Lewis and Clark Center; the voyage up river begins, Bob Archibald; what you'll see along the Lewis and Clark Trail in Missouri, Jim Grey and Jim Denny , historian.


Track 12 - Fort Osage

Fort Osage, Steve Wilson, site supervisor, Ft. Osage NHM; "milk snake" story; Wm. Clark's spelling, Bud Clark, direct descendent of Capt. Wm. Clark; expedition life on the river and some things to see along the way.




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