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Volume 10, "The Final Steps"
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Volume 10, The Final Steps

State(s): Washington / Oregon
From-To: Longview, WA - Fort Clatsop
Roads: Hwys I-5 - Hwy 4 - 401 - 101
Journal Sections: Nov. 1805 - April 1806

"(we)...found the woods so thick with under groth that the hunters could not get any distance into the isld. THe red, wood, and green byers interwoven, and mixed with pine, alder, a species of beech, ash...we at lenght landed at a place by moving the stones we made a place sufficently large for the party to lie leavil on the smaller stones clear of the tide...we are all wet and disagreable, had large fires made on the stones and dried our bedding and kill the flees which collected in our blankets...."

--Captain Clark, Nov. 6, 1805

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Join Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Volunteers for Northwestern Discovery as they take their final steps toward the western sea. Battling a violent storm, the expedition was pinned down for a week, unaware that their goal was just around the corner. Short of food and fresh water, out of dry clothes and bedding, sleeping on rocks and floating logs at high tide, the 31 men, one woman, one small child and one large dog clung tenaciously to the riverbank.

From this outpost, which they dubbed Station Camp, they spent 10 days exploring what is now known as the Long Beach Peninsula. It was here that the Captains polled the crew, including Clark¹s slave York and Sacagawea, as to their opinion of where to spend the winter. In a nearly unanimous decision, they agreed to cross the Columbia and look for a winter campsite on the comparatively sheltered South shore, where they might encounter a trading ship, replenish their depleted salt reserves, and find sufficient numbers of elk to for food and skins for clothing.

The introduction to Volume 10 includes William Clark's description of the land and the River two hundred years ago. Hear also a description of the wild Pacific Storm which greeted the party.

Chinook History.
Chinook tribal members discuss the canoe culture of their ancestors at the time of Lewis and Clark.

Christmas at Fort Clatsop
National Park Service Ranger Sally Freeman describes Christmas at Fort Clatsop, with historically authentic holiday music by Daniel Slosberg as the one-eyed boatman and fiddler, Pierre Cruzatte.



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