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Volume 2: "The First Council"

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Volume 2, "The First Council"

State(s): Nebraska, Iowa
From-To: Omaha, NE - Sioux City, IA
Roads: Hwys 75, 91 & 175 & I29
Journal Sections: Early Aug. - Aug. 17, 1804

Route: Start tape at Ft. Calhoun on Hwy 75. Turn off production after 5- minute intro, when arrive Blair. Take Hwy 91 east to De Soto NWR and over to I-29. Exit I-29 at Onawa and restart production after leaving Lewis and Clark State Park, traveling west on Hwy 175, over toll-bridge and turn north again on Hwy 75 at Decatur.

Content Highlights:

· First council w/ Natives - Ft. Atkinson
· Otos & Missouris
· Discussion of area tribes: Otos, Missouris, Omahas, Pawnees
· Small pox epidemic, migrations, etc
· Blackbird's grave - on Omaha reservation now
· Omaha descendants on expedition - Cruzatte, Labiche
· Deserters - Reed, La Liberte
· Punishment, tribal chiefs shocked, etc
· Oxbow lake at Onawa, IA - geologic description
· River damming and changes
· Lewis & Clark State Park in Iowa, keelboat replica
· Lewis' 30th birthday
· Sgt. Floyd's death, monument in Sioux City

Volume 2 contains several of the more dramatic events that characterize the expedition. Sgt. Floyd's death, the only casualty of the journey (direct visitors to his gravesite in Sioux City) and the Corps' first of many councils with the tribes. Describing the area tribes, and discussing the prominent expedition members who were well served by their own Indian heritage will set the stage for this council. An interesting culture clash is noted with the tribal chief's shock over the punishment meted out to the two deserters. We'll provide geological description and explanations of the oxbow lake at Onawa, IA and what it looked like 200 years ago and why/how it has changed. COE description of how they have reshaped the river for transportation and commerce. We'll look at how levies and dams have changed the shape and nature of the river, as well as addressing the benefits of those alterations. Journal readings will include Lewis' 30th birthday: "an extra gill of whiskey and dancing until 11 p.m."



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