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Volume 3: "Diplomacy on the Plains"

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Volume 3: "Diplomacy on the Plains"

State(s): South Dakota
Journal Sections: Aug. 28 - late Sept., 1804
From: Chamberlain - to Pierre
Roads: Hwys 50-1806

Start tape as leave Chamberlain on Hwy 50. Turn off production after 5-minute intro and restart as leave Lower Brule on BIA 10 to Hwy 1806.

Recommended Route:
Hwy 83 north to Hwy 12 west to Mobridge and Hwy 1804 north to Bismarck.

Content Highlights:

· Friendly meeting w/ Yankton Sioux
· Four day marathon meeting w/ Teton Sioux
· Lack of interpreter
· Cruzatte learns of plot from Omaha prisoner
· Several critical points of near conflict
· Sioux culture
· North Dakota border, meeting w/ Arikara tribe
· Successful meeting
· Arikara culture
· Particularly impressed w/ York
· York interaction w/ tribes
· National Scenic Byway

Volume 3 highlights several early watershed moments for the Corps. The party's meetings with two powerful Sioux tribes - the Yankton and Teton peoples -the ups and downs of diplomacy between the visitors and their hosts. The captains' failure to retain a competent interpreter for their meeting with the Teton Sioux was amongst the more glaring mistakes of the expedition. At the same time, the strength of purpose shown by captains and crew when faced with confrontation won them grudging respect and served them well in later months as the stories traveled up river ahead of them. We'll hear from members of today's Yankton Sioux tribe, and investigate details of the cultures of the Sioux and Arikara people as they existed 200 years ago. Particularly we'll look at the tribes' interactions with York as described in the journals and cultural history of the native people. USFS National Grasslands info.



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