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Volume 4 - "The Mandan Winter"

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Volume 4, "The Mandan Winter"

State(s): North Dakota
Journal Sections: Oct. 1804 - April 1805
From-To: Bismarck to Knife River Villages
Roads: Hwy 1804-83-200

Route: Start tape as leave Bismarck on either Hwy 83 or 1804. Turn left onto 1804 from Hwy 83 or stay straight on Hwy 1804 back to Hwy 83. Follow to the exit for Hwy 200 at Washburn and travel west to the Knife River Villages.

Recommended Route:
Hwy 1806 west to Hwy 200 west to Hwy 22 north to Hwy 23 east and New Town.

Content Highlights:

· On a Slant & Knife River villages
· Ft. Mandan winter
· Mandan & Hidatsa relations, customs, etc
· Washburn Interp Center
· Introduction of Charbonneau & Sacagawea
· Knife River Villages
· More on York & tribal interaction, buffalo calling ceremony, etc

Volume 4 offers far more material than can be thoughtfully covered in the time allowed: The Corps' long-term stay at their winter camp, the many and varied daily interactions with the Mandan and Hidatsa people, Clark's continuing research into developing the maps of the territory to the west. Vistor and Cultural Centers along the route will cover much of this. We propose to focus on the perceptions of the two cultures thrown into close association. The Mandan-Hidatsa trading center brought them into closer and more regular contact with white people than most tribes of the day. This gave them a unique perspective on the Corps and the proposals of the captains. Listeners will hear conversations through translations from English to French to Hidatsa and then back through to English. We'll give listeners their first glimpse of the expedition's newest members - Charbonneau, Sacagawea & their infant son, Jean-Baptiste - and provide some background for what was to prove a most fortuitous coincidence.



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