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Volume 5, "Into Unchartered Territory"

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Volume 5, "Into Unchartered Territory"

State(s): North Dakota/Eastern Montana
Journal Sections: April 25 - May 14, 1805 & mid-Aug. 1806
From-To: New Town, ND - Fort Union NHS
Roads: Hwy 1804

Route: Start tape in New Town. Turn off after 5-minute intro and direction to Reunion Point(?). Restart production at (?) and follow to Ft. Union.

Recommended Route:
Hwy 2 through Ft. Peck Indian Reservation to Glasgow. Continue on Hwy 2 to Harlem on the Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation. Turn south on Hwy 66 to Hwy 191 to Lewistown. Take Hwy 80 NW to Fort Benton and Hwy 87 north 10 miles to Loma and Decision Point.

Content Highlights:

  • Confluence of Missouri & Yellowstone
  • Major landmark on westward voyage, meeting point of split return in 1806
  • Cruzatte shoots Lewis by mistake, Lewis stops journal entries (1806)
  • Pompey's Pillar (see on return as Clark did, off I94)
  • Abundance of game noted on westbound
  • Exploits in what is now largely roadless area
  • Grizzlies
  • Ft. Union/Ft. Buford
  • Encourage visit to CMR wild, scenic area
  • Remains much as it was 200 years ago
  • Missouri Breaks National Backcountry Byway

Volume 5 will focus on the geologic wonders of the Missouri Breaks, the significance of the confluence of the Missouri & Yellowstone rivers and the wild animals described in the journals. Several exciting grizzly adventures are available for journal readings and dramatizations. We'll address the split of the party on the return trip in 1806 and the most severe non-lethal injury of the journey - Cruzatte's accidental shooting of Lewis. We'll offer the visitor a variety of options of discovery on this route, including strong encouragement to get off the main drag and experience the best-preserved section of the river on the entire trip. While the explorers did not see any Indians during this leg of the journey, they saw many, many signs of daily life. The Corps served as "Jefferson's detectives" in searching for clues to the lifeways of tribes that they did not meet. We will hear from the Native people of this area as they give their stories as to why there was no meeting on the prairie.



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