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Volume 7, "Finding the Shoshone"
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Volume 7, "Finding the Shoshone"

State(s): Southwest Montana
From: Three Forks to Dillon
Roads: Hwy 2 - 55 - 41
Journal Sections: July 25 - Mid August

Content Highlights

· Three Forks Rivers named
· Beaverhead recognized as landmark
· Lewis search for Shoshone
· Need for horses desperate
· Confusion/ta ba bone
· More Sacagawea
· Guide
· Meet with Shoshone/Snake
· Coincidence of friend & brother in group they meet
· Colter/Potts later escapades in area
· Lemhi Pass/Camp Fortunate
· Continental Divide
· Headwaters of the Missouri

Volume 7 also is a power-packed section of the voyage. Here we find the journey reaching the headwaters of the Missouri, approaching exhaustion in the water travel and desperation in the search for horses. Again the group must decide on the proper water-course when reaching the Three Forks area and again they succeed. We'll talk about Sacagawea's participation in the successful choice of direction and acquisition of the horses, and learn more about the Shoshone view of the expedition. Among the issues we'll address is Lewis' misguided first attempts at contact with the Shoshone nation. In this volume we'll look at the triumphant moment when Lewis and the advance party reach the Continental Divide and journal readings will describe the joyous Hugh McNeal standing astride the headwaters of the Missouri River. Here we'll cover some of the future escapades of the rank and file members of the expedition, including John Colter and John Potts, later explorers, mountain men and trappers.



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