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"CarTours offers refreshing and revealing stories shared by naturalists, residents, and scientists. The creative use of various natural sounds really grabs your attention and brings the outside world right into your car! Engaging stories with important conservation messages, yet fun and enjoyable."
--Jim Gale, NPS, Chief of Interpretation, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

"Professionally executed, and offers a variety of fascinating informationů.The overall quality is excellent, and can be a marvelous alternative educational device for a variety of subjects, including U.S. history and prehistory, American Indian studies and various sciences."
--Today's Librarian.

"This is a one-of-a-kind traveling companion, enabling travelers to participate in their own unique experience of the Lewis and Clark Expedition"
--Don Striker, Superintendent, Ft. Clatsop National Memorial

"It's like having an interpreter right in the car with you."
--Bernie Pena, USDA Forest Service, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

"I drove up to the ridge this morning and listened to the tape-it's wonderful. The timing is right on. It's a good product and will help people better understand the park."
--Michael Smithson, Chief of Resource Education, Olympic National Park

"The Road to Hurricane Ridge is a very informative, well made tour. I think visitors will find a number of the segments particularly fascinating this is a superior program"

I was especially drawn in by the native storyteller. His stories were compelling and well-told and enhanced a sense of timelessness and history of the park. The information provided at each stop was well-written and narrated and gave a view beyond the scenic and provoked the listener to find out more."
-- National Association for Interpretation Media Award critiques


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