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The Road to Paradise
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She is the Queen of the Cascades and she touches everything around us. She is Mt. Rainier. Now her beauty and mystery, science and mythology have been woven into a new self-guided driving tour called, "The Road to Paradise".

CarTours, the Seattle-based company which last year produced the award-winning Mount St. Helen's: "Into the Valley of the Volcano", has released its newest in a series of Northwest driving tours. Available on audiocassette, CarTours' one-hour in-car driving tour of Mt. Rainier will help visitors understand the forest, glaciers, rivers, wildlife and the volcanic past of this icon of the northwest. Visitors and residents alike will discover some of the mountain's secrets while soaking up the scenery on their drive into the Paradise Valley.

CarTours' "The Road to Paradise" tour begins at Mt Rainier's Nisqually entrance station on Hwy 706 and plays on your car's stereo system. Exceptionally high production values are used. All CarTours programs feature music, sound effects, and interviews with a variety of experts. For example, listeners learn what it means when the mountain appears to wear a hat, why the rivers seem to run full of milk and what lives on the largest glacier in the continental United States.